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Cherry Plum, Raspberry + Blueberry 2022 ~ Wild Plum R&B

Cherry Plum, Raspberry + Blueberry 2022 ~ Wild Plum R&B

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Tasting Notes

The most stunning electric red on sight with the aroma of berries, sherbet and a slight hint of watermelon. 

Clear acidity wrapped in raspberry bun icing, a medium wine with a lemony tang and fresh summer berries, with a reasonable finish it has you easily reaching for more.

It's a happy wine, perfect for spring and summer!

Wine Making Notes

This wine is actually a blend of two vintages of Cherry Plum + Raspberry (2022 and 2023), blended together then softened with Blueberry Wine.  The cherry plums were harvested from three different trees from our property (cherry plums are those tiny plums that are not good for much and grow like a weed but they do feed the kereru... and make great wine!) and the raspberries from our organic garden, considering how prominent the raspberry is in this finished wine you'll be surprised to learn that there is only 1kg of raspberries to 25kg of cherry plums!  Anyhoo, they were macerated together with sugar and water for six days, then the yeast was pitched and the wine fermented away in 23 litre glass demijohns.

The blueberries were from a friend's farm in Horowhenua.   The wine I made from them was OK, but lacked something... which in turn has made for a great wine to blend with wines that have a little 'too' something!

  • 13% ABV
  • Minimal sulphites
  • Vegan + gluten free

We only send in three or six packs for 750ml bottles.  Go forth and choose your selection!

200ml bottles available

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