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Lemon Wine 2023 ~ Lemon Daze

Lemon Wine 2023 ~ Lemon Daze

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Lemon Daze 2023 is clear with a slight creamy yellow hint, on the nose is fresh green leaves mixed with a hint of undergrowth.  Nice acid tingly on the tongue, green tea and lemon rind that mellows with airing.

Best enjoyed ice cold or with soda water as a spritzer with a sprig of mint.

Wine Making Notes

Small but beautiful lemons sourced from a friends church lobby, thought about calling it Holy Lemon!  All chopped up by hand , skins and all, soaked in boiling water for three days.  Boosted with golden sultanas, sugar and a high ester producing mead yeast, fermentation ticked along for four months, Was bottled in December 2023, released end of January 2024.  Enjoyable as a fresh young wine but will keep on developing as it ages.

  • 13% ABV
  • No sulphites
  • Vegan + gluten free

We only send in three or six packs for 750ml bottles.  Go forth and choose your selection!

Not sure whether you'll like it?  Try our 200ml bottles.

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