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Catalyst Fruit Wines

Oaked 200ml

Oaked 200ml

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Tasting Notes

Blackberry + Elder is a light red colour with an orange rim, berry and cigars on the nose.  A light punchy acidic red that tastes of dry berries, and a little bit of well cooked toast with pine needles underneath it all.  A fairly short finish but this is a wine that will consistently improve with age as the tannins mellow out.  A good dinner wine that will go well with hearty winter tucker!

Wine Making Notes

The blackberries were foraged along Tararua river edges  in late summer 2023, whilst the elderberries came from our property at around the same time.  The fruit was macerated in sugar for three days before the yeast was pitched.  Fermented on the fruit for four days the wine was then racked and left to ferment out until it reached 14%.  Once done it had an American oak and cardamom tea (made from oak chips and whole cardamom pods) added and was bulk aged for 5 months. Bottled in September '23, the wine was further aged for seven months before being released in April 2024.

  • 14% ABV
  • Sulfite free
  • Vegan and gluten free

We only sell in four or six packs (for nationwide delivery) pick all the same or go for a mixed pack.


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