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Plum, Blackcurrant + Boysenberries 2023 ~ Sasha

Plum, Blackcurrant + Boysenberries 2023 ~ Sasha

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Tasting Notes

This wine is a clear deep burgandy red.  As soon as you open the wine you get boysenberries straight away, it almost scents a room!  You've also got cedar aromas and raspberry drops in the mix as well.

On taste it is juicy berry forward with a nice little acid punch from the plums.  It's so flavoursome it would make a nice before dinner drink so there's no risk of it being overpowered by any food.  A definite sup and savour wine!

Winemaking Notes

 Part winemaking notes, part story... So last fruit season was pretty rubbish with late frosts and too much rain. From my gloriously big plum tree I got a measly 3.3kg of plums, so I put them all into a wine, but that's not enough so I put in some blackcurrants that had just come out from the blackcurrant wine, Blackalicious, still not enough so I put in a couple of bags of frozen NZ grown boysenberries... we reached our mark for at least 15 litres of wine.

Was a nice quick ferment and then bulk aged for six months.  During that time we were given a rescued stray kitten, we called her Sasha and the whole family bonded with her, and her to us, in a freakily short amount of time, she was really something special... she was also especially curious.  And unfortunately after just four months with us she was run over on our busy highway, right outside our house.  It was absolutely devastating.

To distract myself from the grief I bottled this wine, it didn't help much, but the wine is as gorgeous as she was so it is named in her honour.  (The wine has been bottle aged for 6 months).

Note on the labels; they were a lucky find as a pre-made template through Beer Labelizer, they were too perfect to not use and being a short run wine, do-able to print them at home.  Just to be transparent!

This wine will go fast, half have already gone as pre-orders, you've been warned!

  • ABV 13.5%
  • Minimal sulfites
  • Vegan and gluten free



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