The Journey, Complete!

The Journey, Complete!

This newsletter is a little out of schedule but for very good reason and I’m so excited!


My off-license came through in record time (three weeks not the usual 4-6 weeks) and I have just launched my website… (it’s also my eldest son’s birthday today!)

Here it is; go check it out…


I know I said I was going to wait until after the Eketāhuna Ball, but that was when I thought I wouldn’t be getting my license until around then (11th March) and this cat wants to get out of the bag!

So please go have a peruse, I have tried to make everything as seamless as possible, if you have any problems or see potential issues do let me know. The main issue I can see is potential confusion about building your own mixed pack. Due to the cost of packaging I’ve opted for just two sized boxes, three or six (for 750ml bottles), so if you want different varieties you need to click “Mixed Pack” on the listings then go to each listing and choose your quantity, building up to three or six bottles within your cart. Hope it makes sense once you’re in there!


Yippee! Let’s get this party started~ oh, and if you’re on social media you can enter yourself into the draw for a free taster pack (NZ residents only).

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