Host Responsibility Policy

Host Responsibility Policy for Catalyst Fruit Wines

● We will sell alcohol responsibly or not at all

● We will take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure we are not selling alcohol to minors: This includes declarations on entry to our website and prior to sale ·

We will clearly note on our website that the sale of alcohol to minors is illegal

● We will take reasonable steps to verify both the buyer and the receiver of any alcohol sold are 18 years old or over

● We will not promote in a way that is aimed at or is likely to have special appeal to minors

● Deliveries will not occur without customer identification i.e.

  • · New Zealand or overseas passport.
  • · New Zealand driver licence.
  • · 18+ card issued by Hospitality New Zealand.

● Deliveries will not occur to anyone who is intoxicated

● We encourage our customers to drink sensibly and discourage intoxication

● We will not telephone or direct general public to a specific website who have not expressly agreed to be contacted about catalogue or price list discounts with offers that lead them or is likely to lead them to believe that the price is 25% or more below the price at which the alcohol is ordinarily sold

● We will operate within all requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012