The Journey, Getting Closer...

The Journey, Getting Closer...

I’m doing it, it’s happening! In a burst of energy I got all the paperwork done and handed in my application for a remote off license (and the accompanying $1000.50) on the first of February….

Now we wait for it to get passed around the council, the police, MOH (Medical Officer of Health), DLC (District Licensing Committees) and ARLA (Alcohol Regulatory + Licensing Authority), oh and to see if anyone in the community kicks up a fuss when my public notice of application gets published in the local newspaper. You must have your ‘public notice’ published twice in your local rag (in my case it is The Bush Telegraph) which is an extra $310 ~ it hadn’t occurred to me that this cost wasn’t included in the application fee (duh!) and I must admit I had a little tanty when I found out. I feel like I’m haemorrhaging money at the moment, but it will all be worth it right?! I can’t wait to share my wines!

So I’ve been getting my ducks in a row so that I’ll be straight off the starting blocks when my license comes through. I have sourced my packaging to be able to send my wines safely (I’ll be selling in combos of three or six), sorted out my courier (Aramex) and putting the finishing touches on my website.

Eketāhuna 150th celebration is the weekend of 10-12 March and I will be launching Catalyst Fruit Wines at the Pre Loved Ball on the Saturday night; it feels like a real privilege to showcase Eketāhuna made wine at this community event, I mean, how cool is that? Pretty serendipitous timing hey.

To ensure that I’m not going to double sell I’ll hold off launching my website until the 13th March, trusting that I will have my license by then, surely! You will be the first to know; and remember that if you’re not already you can follow me on Instagram + Facebook.

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