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Catalyst Fruit Wines

2024 vintage to be released 04.25

2024 vintage to be released 04.25

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Tasting Notes

Bright clear golden orange with lovely legs.  Smells of dried apricots and unripe mangos (truth, I've never actually smelt unripe mangos but i could imagine they might smell like this!).  Sweet (but not too sweet) rosy flavour with a beautifully nice full-mouth feel, almost sherry like but even more numptious (yep, made that one up too!).

Wine Making Notes

The hawthorn berries were collected early autumn (2023) near a quiet country road in Eketāhuna, rinsed, then soaked for three days.  A variety of apples were collected from a friends orchard near Woodville; sliced, frozen then defrosted (freezing apples break down some cell walls, making it easier for those that don't have scratters or apple presses).  The haws were rubbed, the apples crushed, then all put together with sugar and water additions; the yeast was pitched and everything went gung-ho for six days... the wine was taken off the fruit and transferred to a demijohn (this is a very small batch, 12 litres, I'm testing my consumers wine waters here!).  Done by May 2023 it was bulk aged until bottled in October '23; released mid April 2024.

Only available in 750ml bottles (no 200ml this time sorry).  We only send in three or six packs for nationwide delivery, pick all the same or go for a mixed pack.

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