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Sparkling Elderflower + Apple, 2023 ~ Sparkle

Sparkling Elderflower + Apple, 2023 ~ Sparkle

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Tasting Notes

Pale creamy yellow with a light sparkle which gives a lovely little fizz in the mouth.  It's a bit of a sweet number with the apple cutting through any potential bitterness that elderflowers can sometimes give.  Low alcohol too so can easily pass as a breakfast champagne!

Wine Making Notes

The elderflowers were collected from our property in November 2023 and were made into basically a big batch of tea with granny smith apples, sugar and white tea.  Once cool the yeast was pitched and was fermented on the flowers for five days then transferred to an air locked fermenter.  After a couple of months it decided that it was done no matter how much I tried to jolly it along, hence the low alcohol and residual sweetness.  Bottled in March 2024 it still had enough oomph to carbonate itself. 

Due to the continued fermentation in bottle there will be a natural sediment found at the bottom of the bottle.

  • 6.5% ABV
  • Sulfite free
  • Vegan + gluten free
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